Why Social Media is Essential for Recruitment Agencies

Lots of recruitment agencies have social media channels, but many don’t use them and post frequently. 


This is common amongst recruitment agencies because it takes time that the agency doesn’t have to spare, or that they don’t see a return in their efforts, and instead focus their time elsewhere.


Does this sound familiar to you? 


We want to talk with recruitment agencies who are passionate about helping their clients and want to understand how content marketing can help their business, and share our knowledge and expertise to help them. 


In this article, we’re going to talk about how social media can be used to help recruitment agencies position themselves into a strong position online and make the most of the platforms available to them. 


We've covered:


How social media helps businesses


No matter what industry you’re in, social media can have a positive impact on your business. The impact isn’t always sales-related, there are many other ways that it can help too.  


At Sentry, we focus on three core goals for the content marketing services we provide. Let’s dive into them:


#1 Digital presence


Your digital presence is the content you post online. If you have a website, blog, social media channels, a podcast, or other forms of content, these all contribute to your digital presence. 


Your digital presence helps you to stand out online and show your audience information about your industry that they would otherwise not have known. 


Have you ever looked online for a company, but found no website or social media channels, did it make you question the validity of the company? This is why a digital presence is crucial for businesses today. 


#2 Brand reputation


Your company has a brand, and that brand has a reputation. If you aren’t sharing content with your audience, they may feel less confident in your business as there is less to prove that you’re a reputable business that wants to help them. 


If you’re constantly focusing on trying to bring new sales in or if you're constantly sharing  your brand reputation will reflect this. 


Therefore, it’s important to consider how your brand will look to your audience. There are lots of ways to build a strong brand reputation online, and posting value-driven and helpful content is one of the best ways to do this. It helps you to build a great first impression with your audience and show them that you’re in business to help them solve their problems.  


#3 Promote engagement


This one is a no-brainer. 


If you’re posting good content online that helps your audience and educates them and promotes engagement, it gives your audience a reason to talk to you! 


You can share tips, ideas, thoughts, and other value with your audience with a focus on trying to start a conversation with them. Getting one foot in the door is a great way to start a strong working relationship. 

Image by Sue Styles from Pixabay

Why social media is crucial for recruitment agencies


We know that social media can help businesses, so let’s dive into why it’s crucial for recruitment agencies and how you can utilise the platforms the best. 


It helps you establish your brand reputation


By sharing value and educating your audience, you can teach them about the recruitment industry. This is a very strong position to be in because it not only gives your audience information that they need to know, but it helps you solidify yourselves as experts at what you do.


As a result, your audience is more likely to trust you as the company to turn to for any help with recruitment. 


It helps to start conversations


If you’re only promoting your services, you’ll only get engagement from people who are ready to buy at that time. 


And that is very rarely the case.


By sharing advice and industry news, people who are considering recruiting for their business or just want to know more may reach out to ask for some help or advice before making a decision, placing your business in a strong position for when they are ready to move forward. 


You may even find that people just want to learn more or know somebody who would benefit from the information you’re sharing, furthering your reach online. 


You can leverage the platforms


Lots of recruitment agencies use social media platforms to share new vacancies that they are recruiting for. 


If you only post the vacancies, then the only people who will look at your posts are those who are looking for a new role. If you include value-driven posts for both candidates and employers, you’re opening your social media channels to a wider audience. 


You’re also likely to see an increase in engagement from people who aren’t looking for a new role, and instead are looking for information about recruitment, such as employers. 


You’ll continue to reach out to your target audience


As a recruitment agency, you’ll typically have two audiences you want to focus on. 


  1. The candidates that you’re recruiting for, and
  2. The businesses you’re working with to find the candidates.


Unlike most industries, you’ll most likely focus on both at the same time. Therefore, posting value for candidates is a great way of engaging them and will help you position your business as the go-to for job seekers.


Additionally, posting value for recruiters helps them to see your expertise and build rapport that you’re the business to help them find the right candidate for the job. 

Our top tips for recruitment agencies to utilise social media (and more!)

We want to work with recruitment agencies to help you build your digital presence, develop your brand reputation, and promote engagement with your audience through content marketing as part of our three goals that we work towards. 

To help recruitment businesses like yours, we’ve collated some top tips that we’ve found from researching into the recruitment industry and from our expertise to help you uncover some ideas to help your business stand out online. 

Post value frequently

Lots of recruitment agencies post their job vacancies on their social media channels. These are often crucial for the business to find the right candidates, but don’t forget to post value!

There are so many things you could post, such as:

  • Interview tips for candidates and employers
  • Statistics around recruitment
  • Interview structure ideas
  • Finding the right candidate
  • Finding the right role for you

And these are just off the top of our heads!

There are so many things you can share with your audience to give them value. Think of any common questions you’re asked – it’s a great place to start and get the ideas flowing. 

You should try aiming for 2-3 posts a week to get into the flow. Remember, consistency is key here. 

Facebook and LinkedIn are often the most popular platforms

For recruitment agencies, Facebook and LinkedIn appear to be the two most popular platforms to use for two reasons.

Facebook – Very useful with candidates looking for a new role

LinkedIn – Very useful for employers looking for help with their recruitment and candidates looking for a new role

Remember to use the platforms that you feel brings your business the most value – not all industries follow the same pattern!

Don't forget graphics

Graphics are a great way of capturing your audience's attention and stopping them in their tracks. 

If you use eye-catching images, these can stop people long enough to start reading your post in detail. As long as you make sure you don't share anything confidential or anything you shouldn't, they can be incredibly useful for your posts. 

Blogs are fantastic

A good blog is a fantastic way of giving your audience extra value and showing that you’re the recruitment agency that can help them. 

Social media allows you to give quick snippets of value, whereas a blog allows you to dive deep into topics and give lots of ideas. Here are some blog ideas that you could share with your audience:

-       How to Ace an Interview: Top Tips to Prepare

-       7 Key Things to Look For in a Candidate

-       5 Ways a Recruitment Agency Can Help Your Business

Come and talk to us!

We are so keen to help recruitment agencies like yours. We’ve spent time researching the industry to allow us to understand some ideas to help your business, and we’d love to share those thoughts with you.  

How we can help recruitment agencies like yours


We specialise in helping businesses to:


  • Build their digital presence
  • Develop their brand reputation
  • Promote engagement with their audience.


As a result, our efforts help businesses to build a strong digital profile and demonstrate to their audience that they are a reputable business with a passion for helping their clients. 


Our content marketing packages provide you with social media posts, scheduled to post automatically to your timeline, and an article each month to continue to share value with your audience. Our packages are designed to be incredibly easy for you, whilst providing your business with lots of value. 


We’re so passionate about helping businesses that we offer a free 45-minute session to talk through your content marketing and share some ideas to help you get the most out of your efforts. 


It’s free, and it’s packed with 1:1 value for your business.


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