SMALL BUSINESSES: Don't Focus on Likes, Focus on This Instead

Ever since the dawn of social media, ‘likes’ have been something that people have chased. It was a new way of recognising others in this world, showing friends and family that you ‘like’ something they’ve shared. Simple, right?


However, over the years the idea of getting likes has changed from simply showing support to being an essential for any post – it’s gotten to the point that some people aren’t sharing things because they want to share them; they want to get likes (and will delete posts if they don’t get enough!).


For a business, this is a tricky position to be in. People feel that likes validate your business, and therefore find themselves chasing them. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. And your audience certainly shouldn’t feel that this is the case.


In this article we’re going to talk about this mindset and what you should be thinking about if you want your digital presence to help your business – not just your likes. 

Why aren’t likes important?


First and foremost, it depends entirely on what type of business you run. If you rely on making money through sponsored posts, sponsorships, and ad revenue, then likes are important, because they improve your outreach and therefore makes likes a valuable part of your business strategy. 


However, most businesses don’t work like this. They want to make money, and that’s the bottom line of business. They have products/services, and that’s their business. 


So, if likes increase your outreach, why aren’t they important? 


Because likes are a vanity metric, and often don’t serve any real value to your business other than make you feel good. Yes, they may improve outreach, but if the core message isn’t the right one, then what’s the point of the world seeing it?


Lots of small businesses fall into the trap of feeling that they need to have lots of likes for their posts to be credible or to be seen. Don’t get us wrong – likes can help, and if they do help your business, great. Keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re creating content and you’re trying to get likes, and you’re not getting many, don’t feel down about yourself. 


It’s incredibly tough to build a strong following on social media these days, so chances are you’re only heading for more frustration. 


Instead, here’s what to focus on if you want to make a difference.

Here’s what you should be focusing on. 




The magic of content marketing doesn’t lie in the psychological tricks to get people to like your content, nor does it like in the ‘like-for-like’ style posts – it lies within what you can do for your audience.


Picture this: There’s two businesses that you’re looking to work with. One has a digital presence that’s full of value, demonstrating their expertise and knowledge and instils trust that they can do a good job. The other focuses on getting likes and has a few likes on each post they share.


Who are you likely to reach out to first? Who made the better first impression? 


This is why it’s important to focus on value, and not on likes. Sure, getting loads of likes is nice and makes you feel like a superhero, but your business needs something else other than a superhero – it needs a value-driven digital presence.


Not only this, but it helps in all sorts of ways. It shows potential candidates for any job openings that you’re in business for the right reasons and that they should work for you, it helps you keep your current customers happy by continually sharing useful info with them, and lots more. 


It’s a win-win-win-win-win.

Here’s how to make it happen.

We’re going to share some of our best secrets here, so buckle up and get a notepad handy. This is where things get good. Here are three steps to get you on the right tracks to building a credible, value-driven digital presence for your business. 

#1 Understand your core topics.

First of all, ask yourself “what do I want my business to be known for?”. Start off by thinking about your core offerings and the value you provide to your customers. E.g, ours is digital presence, blogs, social media, content marketing, small business, etc. What are yours?

Once you’ve got these, ask yourself this: What else do you want to be known for? 

For example, do you do charity work within your business? Do you invest lots of time into your company culture and care for your employees? These are your next core topics.

Aim to list at least 5, but go for a minimum of 3 to get yourself going. 

#2 What do you know that your audience don’t, but will benefit from knowing?

What are things that your audience could benefit from knowing, which you know? Remember – you’re the expert here. 

By sharing your knowledge, you’re likely to do at least one of the following three things (if not all):

  1. You’ll show your audience that, as a business, you know what you’re talking about
  2. You’ll give your audience an insight into what it’s like to work with you and qualify themselves as someone who wants to work with you
  3. You’ll slowly but surely build a digital presence that, whenever anyone finds it, is full of value, making a positive first impression straight away. 

As a result, any conversation you have with a prospective customer can go so much better, because they already have the information they need to form an impression about your business. And if they’re still keen to talk to you, it must have been a good one! 

#3 Turn it into a strategy. 

It doesn’t have to be a complicated one at all – a strategy can be a simple as planning when you’re going to talk about what topic. This allows you to be consistent, which is the core of content marketing. Consistently giving your audience value and making them feel loved. 

If you’re not sure how to get started with a strategy, here’s a sample one. 

Take your three topics, and separate them like this:

  • Monday – Topic 1
  • Wednesday – Topic 2
  • Friday – Topic 3

Then you only need to figure out what specific information you’re going to share. If you’re unsure how to figure that bit out, here’s a way to streamline your thought process:

What ONE problem can you solve for ONE person to give them ONE benefit?

Accountants – what can you do to help a small business owner to help them manage their finances much easier?

Recruiters – what can you do to help a small shop find part-time staff with flexible working requirements?

You can answer unlimited questions over time, and really help people answer the questions they're dealing with. 

A last-minute tip – what common questions are you asked by your audience, or you find yourself answering? If one person has asked it, the chances are that there are thousands out there that have the same question as you. People love answering their own question by finding the information online, so be the business that shares it. 

Still unsure, or don’t have time?


Fortunately, there’s a great solution to both of those problems.


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