Recruitment Agencies: How to Build Your Brand Reputation

As a recruitment agency, your brand reputation matters. It shows both your candidates and potential clients that you’re a reputable business to use, and with lots of different recruitment agencies out there, standing out positively is always a good thing. 


But how do you do it? 


At Sentry, we help businesses make their first impression a good one.


We’re the team to elevate your digital presence.


We’ve taken the time to put together a handy guide with some ideas to help you build your brand reputation for your recruitment agency.  

Why do you need a good brand reputation?


The simple answer is this – you don’t NEED one, but it’s incredibly useful for your agency if your brand reputation is positive.


Picture this: someone recommends Company A for you to take a look at, and someone else recommends Company B. If Company A has a strong brand reputation and Company B doesn’t, which are you more likely to engage with first?


Chances are, you’ll first go to Company A.


It doesn’t mean they’re better or do anything differently to company B, but your first impression of them is more positive and therefore is more likely to convince you to reach out to them first. 


This is why your brand reputation, and ultimately your digital presence, is so important. 

How to build your brand reputation online


Recruitment agencies around the world are using a digital approach for the majority of their recruitment and their lead generation, which is why a brand reputation is incredibly vital if you want your message to come across with authority. 


Without it, candidates may feel hesitant about applying or potential clients may look elsewhere if they feel the company can’t help them solve the problem they currently have. Brand reputation is a great way of demonstrating your ability to solve their problem and often increases the number of conversations you’ll have. 

Firstly - consistency is key.


The first thing to remember is that the internet moves very quickly. 


Therefore, you need to stay consistent (especially on social media), otherwise, you’ll risk falling behind. 


Did you know that, on average, customers hit 8 different touchpoints before engaging with a business?


That’s why consistency is so important. Posting one amazing article is great, but it’s only one touchpoint. Sharing a great post will help, but it’s still only one touchpoint. That’s why you need to have multiple touchpoints available for your audience, and new ones being consistently created to keep them fresh. 


Now, let’s look at two great ways to build your brand reputation that we use to help our clients to elevate their digital presence.

#1 Social media


Everybody knows about social media, and we all hear that “it’s great for business”, but how? 


In terms of your brand reputation, utilising social media can help you establish your team as experts in your field. This means your posts come with authority, and people will trust what you share. 


From an employer’s perspective: You can share advice on things to ask candidates when interviewing them, what to look for on their CV to make sure they are a good match, and other ways to help them succeed in their recruitment. 


From a candidate’s perspective: You can share value by advising how to create a strong CV, tips to succeed in an interview and some example interview questions, and other ways to prepare candidates for success in their job hunt. 


Lots of recruitment agencies use the platforms to share vacancies available which is a great way of getting the word out there. Coupled up with posts like the above and you’ll be well on your way to creating a strong social profile whilst simultaneously developing your brand reputation. 



As a recruitment agency, you’ll more than likely have a website. One thing that many recruitment agencies don’t focus on is having a blog that’s regularly updated.


By having regular articles on your website, you’re expanding your digital presence similarly to posting on social media. However, articles work in a different way to social media.


They last long into the future, and they’re packed with lots more information.


Social media posts are quick snippets (which can be taken from blogs – more on that shortly), whereas articles are packed with lots of value and can help you strengthen your brand reputation. Having both works well together because it opens two channels to engage with your audience and grows your digital presence with a range of different formats. 


From an employer’s perspective: Your articles can help businesses to uncover some fresh ideas for their recruitment efforts and help them to improve what they’re doing, demonstrating your expertise in your industry. 


From a candidate’s perspective: You can help them learn about the job market, how to find a company to work for that they’ll enjoy, and other advice that will help them when looking for a new job, making you a great place for candidates to visit. 


Did you know?

Articles are one of the favoured ways for people to learn about a business or an industry.

Image by janeb13 from Pixabay

Does it work?


The short answer is yes - yes it blooming does. You can use the content you produce in so many ways that it’s bound to have a positive impact on someone’s day. 


Creating and sharing content is great, but here are some ways to take your content to the next level:


#1 Share it across personal pages 


Once you’ve created a social media post or an article and you’ve shared it from your company page(s), use your personal pages to share it too. You and your team can add your own thoughts when sharing it and give it a more personal approach, helping get more eyes on your content. 


#2 Share it with people who you think will gain value from it


Let’s say you’ve got a great new article that will help employers with their recruitment. If you know they’ll gain from it, why not send it over to them? It doesn’t matter if they’re a client, a prospect, or just a connection. Everybody appreciates being given a freebie – especially if it helps them. 


Try sending them an email or a message with your article and explain why you think they'll gain from reading it. 


#3 Keep your content out there & repurpose it


There’s no reason why you can’t share an older article, especially if it’s still relevant. If you have a blog that’s a few months old, take some golden nuggets from it and turn them into social media posts. Take a few social media posts and turn them into an article. 


Your knowledge can help someone, and repurposing your old content gives it a fresh lease of life and a new chance for someone to see it. 


Ready to get started?


A good digital presence takes time to get right and consistent effort. 


We know that recruitment agencies are incredibly busy, and often don’t have the time to invest in developing their digital presence. However, the ones that do are often the ones that stand out. 


If you’re looking for some help to build your brand reputation, we're ready to learn all about your business.


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