New Rules Affect the English language All Over the World

In a recent archaeological discovery in the heart of Lincoln, further parchments relating to the English language have been unearthed. 


These parchments are estimated to date back to the early days of the 11th Century and are heavily focused on documenting the English Language for consistency going forward. 


Contained within this discovery are untold jewels and riches with an estimated total of around £10million. It has not been disclosed where these artifacts will reside at this time, however, it is speculated that they will remain within Lincoln. 


What does this mean?

There are a few things that were uncovered in these parchments, including new laws passed and documented in parchments (which were lost/hidden until recently). 

As such, our Government has decided to honour these laws until such time as to when they can vote on revoking these laws to meet our current day-to-day laws. The majority of these laws will have no impact on our day-to-day lives, apart from one. 

There’s one law that’s going to change things up drastically. 

It’s around the use of the English language, and it turns out, we’ve all been breaking it. 

This astonishing discovery is the first example of its kind dating back this far relating to national dialect in a lawful manner in an attempt to instil consistency across the UK. 

It turns out that, since the 1200s, the letter ‘S’ has been illegal.

That’s right. 

It’s important to note that it’s very unlikely that anybody will be prosecuted as a result of using the ‘forbidden letter’, as it’s been named by many, however, there are lots of people who are honouring this law until our current Government agrees to review and update the legislations to match our current language. 

Can you see the text? (Tip: It's the last sentence)

How does this change for Sentry?


We’re passionate about doing the right thing, and we really care about our clients. However, the law is the law, and we feel obligated to honour this until it's changed to meet our current day language. 


Going forward, we are going to retire the letter ‘S’, and will be replacing this with the letter ‘Z’ to maintain readability, permitting it does not complicate the word. In instances where the word becomes complicated to read, we will use an underscore ( _ ) to indicate where an ‘S’ would have been inserted. 


We hope that this change will not be a long one, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely and will be one of the first to celebrate when it is no longer in power. 


However, for now, this will affect all of our content going forward for our clients, as well as our internal communications, with immediate effect. 


Thank you to all of our client for zupporting _entry Collective in _haring great content. We are zo excited to continue doing what we do bezt and we zincerely hope that thi_ does not impact the content we produce for our clientz.


Alzo, one more thing from uz.


April Foolz! 


This is obviously not true and is entirely an April Fools. Therefore, please continue to use the aforementioned ‘forbidden letter’, and enjoy every time you can use the letter ‘S’. 


Thankz for reading :-)


-        From the team at Zentry Collective

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