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Everybody knows what a blog or an article is, but not many are aware of what an advertorial is or how it relates. If you have a company blog, or if you know what goes into a company blog, an advertorial may be a lot closer to home than you might think.

With the news that SpaceX are planning missions to Mars and NASA are planning for manned missions to the red planet, Lincoln-based company, Sentry Collective, is listed as the first company to officially 'settle' on the red planet as their registered head office. 

A company blog is an incredibly powerful tool if it’s in the right hands. There are a wide range of benefits that come with blogging, with some that many business owners aren’t aware of which means they could be missing out on some great benefits for their business.

This combined article from Carla Barker from Greyrose Marketing and Luke Redhead from Sentry Collective is packed with useful information on the importance of a marketing strategy, how to create one, how to implement it into your business and subsequently how to incorporate this across your social media channels.

Copywriting is incredibly important for businesses. Every single day, businesses are putting words out there on the internet for potential future customers to read with the intention of selling to their audience. With many companies focusing their efforts on automation, it leaves a crucial question in the minds of those in or aware of the copywriting industry: will copywriting be automated? 

Lockdown has been incredibly tough for many of us. Since last March, everything has seemed very ambiguous and has been tough to comprehend, leading many of us to take the necessary actions to simply get through the day. As a result, there have been many people feeling disheartened and run-down, making it feel harder to soldier on.

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